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We produce high-yielding, climate-resilient, improved certified hybrid seeds.

We also provide a wide range of farm mechanization, farm inputs, extension service, storage facility, market linkage, financial inclusion, and pension options to Smallholder farmers.

Customer satisfaction, timeliness, and reliability is our hallmark.

Critical Success Factors

Vinmak Farms adopted 5 Critical Success Factors important in accomplishing our mission

extension srv
Red tractor with blue harrow on a farm.
Variety of grains
stack of full burlap bags in stock

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8th Edition of Pre-Harvest Exhibition Conference Opened

8th Edition of Pre-Harvest Exhibition Conference Opened

The 8th edition of the annual Pre-harvest Exhibition and Conference is set to bring the Northern Regional Capital, Tamale to

Connect with Us

Connect with Us

Email: [email protected], Call: 026 630 0410, LOCATION: Hospital Road, Salaga East Gonja District Northern Region